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In business since 1986, we bring a balanced and seasoned set of up-to-date skills to each project.  Opal Computing designs and implements innovative project solutions using a combination of analysis, development, and off-the-shelf systems as appropriate, rather than trying to fit each client need into a pre-set mold.  Our strategic partners, experts in fields such as contact management, healthcare services, graphic design, and communication are brought into projects to ensure the best results for each project.

David Alexander, president of Opal Computing, is a developer of leading-edge integrated software systems and Internet marketing systems.  David has a long history of delivering sophisticated and innovative software systems for clients including A&E Networks, Chase, Citibank, Kroll Inc, IMS Health, Medtronic Corp, Newark Beth Israel Hospital, Service Corporation International, Toysrus.com, Union Hospital, and other major healthcare and financial organizations. He was the outsourced CTO of the pivotal New York Software Industry Association for several years. David and Opal Computing also provide services for small and not-for-profit organizations, especially those serving societally beneficial purposes.

Through Opal Computing's Opal Summit service, organizations can be provided with a carefully chosen combination of Web site creation, Internet marketing, email list and newsletter management, and e-commerce to allow more effective operation and the reaching of new leads, customers, and community members.

As president of Opal Computing, David has directed systems security research, network integration, and communication projects. He has presented for a variety of conferences and user groups.

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The goal of Opal Computing is to distinguish itself through high quality and expert service and careful attention to the needs of the client, while providing database, Internet, and connectivity solutions at a reasonable cost.  We know that quality in all aspects leads to the greatest client satisfaction and success.

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