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"We now have a system that works quite well, and has an appealing and effective set of user interface screens for rapidly entering and maintaining information. A good deal of the credit for a focused and effective march towards that goal goes to Mr. Alexander. David Alexander has displayed determination, creativity, and good planning in accomplishing the tasks we requested [and] also devised an auditing system developed from scratch which takes advantage of the built-in integrity of Oracle triggers and stored procedures.  We now have a graphical interface that allows us to turn auditing on or off for any combination of fields in any table in any database of our system."
     - CIO, major NY school of medicine (details available on request)


"Opal Computing has provided quite excellent results for our time-sensitive interfacing project, which involves connecting large, very different computer systems, and converting from serial to TCP/IP protocols... the results have been very pleasing, as the work has been completed well under budget, ahead of schedule, and with the reliability and accuracy that are clearly critical in hospitals."
     - Edward Dullard, Chief Information Officer, Union Hospital


"I highly recommend Mr. Alexander and Opal Computing for the quality of their work. Mr. Alexander has helped us in an important transition from DOS-based to Windows-based software....Along with publishing of sample information from our proprietary drug database onto our web site by Opal Computing, we are quite pleased with the site and are expecting it to be an important component of our marketing efforts....we feel confident recommending them for their judgment and performance."
     - Salvatore Barcia, President, Meta Pharmacy Systems, Inc.


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Business systems

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"Whether this involved developing a tool to allow deploying code to up to four hundred servers, or nightly providing automatic synchronizing of product image files from our set of 75,000 images, or providing Java-based data compression and decompression tools that we can access directly from our Web servers, Opal Computing has set up systems on which we now rely on a daily basis.... Mr. Alexander has been able to pull together information from a number of different groups and internal customers, and clearly is experienced in prioritizing and clarifying project needs, and has the other skills needed to arrive at realistic and productive development efforts for the benefit of the overall project."
    - Robert Hyland, VP, Technology, LLC


"I enjoyed working with you very much. Your calm manner, attention to detail, and focus on careful planning were very helpful. I think we were able, with your help, to anticipate most of the issues that might arise and deal with them before they arose."
     - Michelle Baker, President, Umbanet Inc.


"Our marketing models require flexible specification capability, clear visual display, and complex calculations to arrive at the desired results. Mr. Alexander has been able to create a system that offers these features.  The final stage of development is now being performed by our in-house staff, based on training and ongoing support from Opal Computing. Mr. Alexander has urged us to bring development in-house for our long-term benefit.... Based on our experience to date, we can recommend Mr. Alexander and Opal Computing for their determination, technical skill, and judgment."
     - Ira Lichtenstein, President, Eric Marder Associates, Inc.


"The software you designed for us has proved to fill all of our bookkeeping needs, including billing, cash receipts, and accounts payable, and general ledger, and has helped cut our personnel needs, as well as improve our professional image. The most recent project you created for us, the Commission Tracking system, not only meets all our specifications, but correctly accumulated (first time out!) exactly what it should, which was a surprise given the complexity of our calculations."
     - Daniel DeFilips, Director of Accounting, Service Corp. International (Fortune 500)


"With your suggestions, the design of the data has also been improved dramatically... This organization has effectively moved us from a 'quick fix' situation, to an ongoing method for data collection, analysis, and reporting. We appreciate the effort it has taken to understand the components of the P&L reports and translate them into a cohesive system.... Finally, we feel it is important to thank you for the unusual hours that were sometimes required throughout this project."
     - Jonathan T. Marom, 2nd Vice President, and
     - John W. Sweeney, Vice President, Mgr. GSS Profitability
                 Chase Manhattan Bank


"No matter what we asked for, whether installing a network, customizing our accounting software, researching and setting up EDI electronic data exchange, or writing programs for our manufacturing operations, you have come through."
    - Richard Fickler, President, Friday's Child Manufacturing


"I will always be thankful that you listened carefully and worked closely with me to create a tool that we could not now live without. Stock footage requires having a shot for a client and the information necessary to render that shot as an asset. We amaze our clients by how fast we can find shots and fire screening reels out to them.... keep up the good work!"
     - Kenneth R. Powell, Partner, Imageways, Inc.


See Healthcare Systems

See Business Systems

Opal Summit
Marketing/ Email / E-commerce

"The ease of the Opal system is A+. It handles all information without more than a click of a mouse.  I am so satisfied due to the easy flow of this program. I refer this system to all in my path and I truly thank Opal for changing my duties with events from a mundane and tedious data entry process to a sophisticated system a non-technical person can learn in minutes."
    - Gayle Naftaly, President,


"After dealing with other computer services and their empty promises, it was refreshing to meet and deal with someone as qualified and knowledgeable as yourself.... I am happy to inform you that we have some new very lucrative accounts since the completion of your work, and continue to hear from new contacts daily either from calls or emails."
     - James Maginn, President, Empire Medical Billing Solutions, Inc.


"Opal Computing came to our rescue when... the ways in which we had intended to handle registration and payment for our major event became unavailable just when we were about to begin extensive publicity. Opal Computing stepped in and promptly provided an easy-to-manage and highly practical online solution tailored to our needs. We sold out completely all admissions to full capacity (180 attendees) as of three weeks before the date of the event, and had an extraordinarily successful experience, none of which could have happened without Opal's expertise. We highly recommend Opal Computing to any event planner or group, and to other people seeking a solution for their event or payment needs. Many thanks to Opal Computing for a job well (accurately, supportively, effectively, timely, responsibly, efficiently, and cost-effectively) done!"
     - David J. Abeshouse, Esq., Vice President of LIEG, Chair of Spring 2003 Event;
                 Principal, Law Offices of David J. Abeshouse


"Opal Computing handles two important functions for me.  They created the registration software I use for my events, accepting credit cards, processing transactions and providing useful reports to operate my events flawlessly.  They license this software to others and I strongly urge you to consider using it yourself. Secondly, their president, David Alexander, manages the upgrades for my Web site and designed the initial infrastructure work for me. He just completed a major overhaul of my Web site, increasing the content many hundred fold.  Not only was the cost fair and reasonable, but also his prompt execution was awesome. One weekend! I had received estimates from others for completions of at least two months, and one of five to six months!

Knowing and working with David has given me a calmness about technology I never experienced before. I am pleased to provide this testimonial on Opal Computing's behalf."
     - William (Billy) McDermott, President, The Billy McDermott Group



"The Opal Summit system has made my day. As a business networker and collaborator who is constantly busy with meetings and with forming new business relationships, I had found during previous events that we organized that the event management process consumed unbearable amounts of time. By automating, the clients and guests are happier, they can quickly and easily register for the event and receive their confirmations (with complete directions!), and they do it whenever they want to. I am far happier and more effective by having these administrative tasks removed from my attention and my staff's attention. I receive payments twice per month like clockwork, and the fees are reasonable. The badges, the reminders, and the email blasts are also terrific and leverage my time to great effect. Opal Computing has been highly responsive to my requests, and highly skilled.

This system is has a value far higher than the moderate fees charged, and I recommend it for anyone organizing and managing events, meetings, and conferences, or taking membership and sponsorship payments."
     - Ellen Volpe, President, American Business Associates

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