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Here are examples of some of our successful projects. Contact us to find out more.

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North Atlantic Telecommunications (NacTel) needed to attract a high-end, narrowly defined audience of current customers to hear about the latest telecommunications products that NacTel was supporting.

Our flier and Web site was enthusiastically welcomed as being professional and yet energetic and innovative.  Opal Computing created the design concepts and implemented them, as well as providing the online registration.






Alexander Wall Corporation was sponsoring a high-end seminar by a leading speaker.  We created a highly-attractive yet communicative page for the event that clearly and quickly informed the viewer of the urgency of its subject matter, including all the key facts about the event, and led them directly to our registration page, where attendees paid using our Opal Summit service.


Alexander Wall Corporation event page for sponsors, event details, and registration




Empire Medical Billing Solutions, Inc. wanted more clients to be handled by their sizable staff, and made achieving this their primary technology goal. Opal's budget for this project allowed for minimally adjusting the pre-existing Web site, and then creating a new, strong sales letter and a well-strategized Internet marketing campaign.  Within two months of our first conversation, the owner was saying "Amazing" repeatedly due to the large number of new leads and signed contracts that he said resulted from our Internet marketing campaign.


Empire Medical Billing Services, Inc. sales letter and About Us, for their successful advertising campaign




The Southampton Rose Society wanted an elegant Web site that would enable them to promote their annual events, as well as membership benefits. The result speaks for itself.






Long Island Children's Museum needed an event Web site for their first celebratory event in their new headquarters, with only a few weeks before the event date. In days, Opal Computing integrated all their information concerning activities, directions, registration, and more, and published their all-new event sub-site, allowing promotion of the event to begin, and allowing online registration via our Opal Summit service.


Long Island Children's Museum event Web site (event is no longer live)




The New York Software Industry Association (NYSIA) was lacking in all forms of interactive offerings on their industry news and events-oriented Web site, and their site also needed a cosmetic redesign.  We provided both, leading to a site with greatly increased traffic, increased user satisfaction, and a high search engine page ranking.


NYSIA Home Page for their highly popular and busy Web site




The accounting firm Soloway, Goldstein, Silverstein & Co., PC had an unattractive Web site which they felt might be losing them business.  They asked Opal Computing to re-design their site from the ground up, and to include an interactive calendar that their staff could maintain themselves.


Soloway, Goldstein, Silverstein & Co. Web site with calendar




Rather than hand over the great portion of book sale revenue to the publisher by using the publisher's eBook option, author Estelle Spero Lynch decided to list her book, An Alcove in the Heart, with the Opal Summit eBook service.  The cost to the author per book sale is less than 20% what the publisher would have charged.


Web site for the eBook "An Alcove in the Heart"

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