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Official Google AdWords Qualified Professional

Have you:

  • Invested in a Web site, but received no visible business benefit from it?
  • Been told by visitors that it is difficult to find what they are looking for on your site?
  • Gotten tired of online payment methods that are too rigid, or too strongly branded by the e-commerce company instead of by you?

Opal Computing will analyze your current efforts, and create a plan to generate REAL RESULTS from your investment in technology. We use proven methods developed from years of study and testing, and gaining results.

For your electronic marketing and communication needs, consider a newsletter platform that shows you care about our planet, while sharing your message using the latest, user-friendly method:

Green Wave Email Marketing
Email Marketing for You and Your Planet

And for your event, seminar, and conference management needs, our Opal Summit online service enables you to plan, accept payments, and meet with ease and accuracy.

Free initial consultation.

Contact Opal Computing at (718) 229-2609 for more information.

Web Design with growth in mind

Search Engine Optimization

High Click-Thru and Conversion Rates

Email list services

Generation of qualified leads

Google AdWords Qualified Professional

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