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Healthcare Software Systems

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Healthcare SystemsCustom Software is provided for  insurance companies, major hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and more. Users of these systems include IMS Health, Medtronic Corporation, Meta Pharmacy Systems Inc., Newark Beth Israel Hospital, Union Hospital, and a major New York school of medicine (details on request) as well as a multi-state Blue Cross / Blue Shield alliance:

  • Find out more about our healthcare systems projects
  • Serving: Clinics, Hospitals, Insurance Companies, Nonprofits, Pharmaceutical Industry


Business Software SystemsBusiness Systems

Custom Software as well as pre-set software is provided for accounting, banking, e-commerce, and market research, for companies such as Aubrey G. Lanston & Co. Inc., the former Chemical Bank, Citibank, Eric Marder Associates, Interactive Market System, JP Morgan Chase, and We provide Internet marketing expertise so potential customers and community members can find your Web site and your products or services.  We use little-known techniques to optimize not only search engines, but low-cost, Internet-based advertising campaigns.

  • Find out more about our business systems projects
  • Serving: All types of businesses for Internet marketing and e-commerce; Banking, Brokerage, Market Research for custom software


Ready-to-use Healthcare and Non-profit Systems

Software Downloads

Opal Computing provides two configurable software systems designed, to be used as-is or customizable based on your requests:

Downtime Reporting System (DRS)

Volunteer Coordination System (VCS)


  • Provide lookup information when your critical main computers go down: the Downtime Reporting System
  • Help coordinate volunteers so they are kept happy, and so your organization can best fill the needs that are served by your volunteers: the Volunteer Coordination System
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