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Some of our powerful, productive software systems for business, specified, project-managed, and implemented:

Aubrey G. Lanston & Co. Inc. - performed a thorough security audit of internal and external risks, with recommendation of steps to be taken and assistance in implementing most of those steps including password complexity requirements, physical security, remote access restrictions, and more.  Benefit: ensured security of sensitive financial information.

Chemical Bank - developed a secure system for transfer of pooled GNMA mortgages worth hundreds of millions of dollars, including RSA security and encryption. Defined data structure and transfer methods, with reliable handshake to guarantee authentication and confirmation for both sides of these transactions. Benefit: allowed secure trades between physically remote business entities, increasing the volume of trades and increasing profitability.

Citibank - marketing analysis for credit card division, including trends prediction, error analysis, and software from the ground up creating credit worthiness evaluations of individual applicants. Developed intelligent algorithms to locate and parse the important information in customers' freeform (unstructured) credit history information. Benefit: provided information to guide Citibank's critical credit card marketing efforts; credit history software increased the efficiency and speed of credit reviews, saving labor costs while providing more complete information.

Interactive Market Systems - designed and implemented system for predicting ad impressions achieved by various advertising placement alternatives.  This helped to accomplish stated demographic and budget goals for advertising customers through algorithms that maximized desired demographics within a budget across newspaper, television, radio, outdoor, and other outlets. Benefit: multiple sales of a valuable, unique software service to new and existing clients.

JP Morgan Chase - designed, implemented, and supported systems including:

  • custom accounts payable, a major system designed and built to track millions of dollars of activity by line item, sales tax, capital assets, task / contract cost and time limits, sign-offs, cost centers, general ledger line entries, and authorization of vendors. Automated workflow between California, Florida, and New York City, including posting of transactions to mainframe systems.  Benefit: allowed reassignment of several staff members to other areas of the bank, saving labor costs.
  • customized accounts receivable that billed fees to private banking clients, many of whom owed significant sums to the bank. Benefit: collection of millions of dollars of previously uncollected, overdue fees.
  • integration of foreign exchange transactions gathered in a variety of formats from worldwide offices and automatically merged into a single internal format, where they were then processed and analyzed.  Benefit: saved one bank vice-president from spending long days manually reformatting and reconciling data from sources all over the world. - .as Senior Consultants, overall responsibility was error reduction and improved Web site reliability  through determination of problem types and designing and building of their solutions. Provided real-time error analysis across a server farm of 400 servers, gathering error data every five minutes and allowing custom queries such as error types, ranking of servers by error rate, searching across all servers for specific messages, and so on.  Also developed custom, automated code deployment across all servers and code integrity / coding standards checking tools, and a search engine "health check" system. Re-architected the main product catalog maintenance tools and the review procedures and systems for updates to the 15,000 inventory items. Benefit: achieved 90% error rate reduction on Web site; provided secure review process for product update activities avoiding previous error that had affected the integrity of the data that site visitors saw.

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