Patient Backup / Downtime Reporting system: on-line backup of critical patient identifiers
Downtime Reporting System

Your medical facility has mainframe power that just won't stop.
But what if it does stop?

Sample of the lookup screen; please click to see a full-sized view
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Note: all "patient" data shown here are random names and numbers to ensure privacy

Using your existing PC network, our Downtime Reporting System (DRS) allows rapid lookup of your patients based on Name, Birthday, Social Security Number, or Medical Record Number, or any combination of these, so you will not be caught systemless in an emergency.  DRS allows simultaneous LAN/network access and if desired, Web access using the provided ColdFusion Web templates.   ** See Other DRS Screens **

For additional information, or to test or to purchase the Downtime Reporting System, please contact us.  Here are some more reasons why you should do so:

  • Keeps no medically sensitive information, avoiding medical privacy violation risk
  • Name lookups can be performed using advanced "sounds-like" technology, shown above, to ensure misspellings do not interfere with finding patient data
  • Use requires no training beyond basic Windows interface knowledge that most PC users already have. The interface is intuitive and simple, but powerful
  • Inconsistencies due to data entry errors or patient inaccuracy are detected, recorded, and reported
  • Can be installed at a workstation in ten minutes; most updates can then be installed centrally on the hospital server without touching the user stations
  • High speed of record retrieval
  • A finely tuned user interface allows use of shortcut keys throughout, so your users can employ the keyboard or a mouse as best suits the task at hand
  • The DRS does not require "downtime" to update its records; new records are automatically added on the schedule you set up, from your admissions system

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