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Opal Computing has been providing quality healthcare solutions in the New York area since 1986, medical software solutions with the reliability required for dispensing medications safely, monitoring heart and pacemaker events, and providing hospital and clinical computer system interfaces with 100% reliability.  Our software development methods and follow-up support provide the solutions used by hospitals, medical schools, and large healthcare service providers.  Here are some examples:

IMS Health - created software to track presentations and pharmaceutical samples given against both sales / presentation goals and limits on allowable samples. Distributed field data, merging back into central database.. Benefit: allowed salespeople to keep track of pharmaceutical sampling as required by law, and to track presentations to physicians and their follow-up for increased sales.

Medtronic Corporation - created vision for, designed, managed, and implemented a complex system for remote monitoring of pacemaker and heart behaviors, including graphic presentation of EKG and pacemaker information with real-time graphic editing, individualized pacemaker engineering data and demographics presentation for the patient, and automated merge of sampled EKG section, pacemaker engineering data, battery life, and other key patient and pacemaker data into a document for review and final transmission to physicians.  Automated the system for 80,000 patients. Benefit: eliminated labor-intensive cutting of paper EKGs, saving time and money, and provided for rapid and complete reporting to physicians,  improving medical value of the reports and increasing referring physician satisfaction.

Meta Pharmacy Systems - planned and implemented key move from DOS-based, procedural software system to event-driven Windows based software using cutting-edge, maintainable object-oriented principles. The software manages the complex medications ordering, safety management, and dispensing process for use in a variety of hospitals nationwide. Benefit: allowed company to sell to hospitals and other institutions that would no longer accept DOS software, and provided object-based software framework for further product enhancements, lowering the cost of coding and maintenance efforts.

Newark Beth Israel Hospital - custom interface from mainframe billing system directly to the pharmacy department, to reliably automate data feeds for an updated pharmacy ordering process. Benefit: avoided double entry of all lab requests, saving labor costs as well as avoiding data entry errors.

Union Hospital - designed, implemented, and supported systems including:

  • automated mainframe backup of patient data, as an emergency system for use during mainframe downtimes. Benefit: make crucial patient data visible even when mainframe is down
    • custom billing system / lab system interface, automating communication to lab, improving speed and accuracy, and saving many hundreds of hours of data input per year. Benefit: as with Newark Beth Israel, avoided double entry and increased accuracy
    • volunteer coordination software to manage the hospital's volunteer operations, with a high-speed interface and flexible reporting.  Benefit: fast, easy-to-use interface allows running of all record-keeping with less than one person-day per week

    major New York school of medicine (name and contact information available on request) - developed complete system for tracking degrees, certifications, immigration, training history, and other status of residents and fellows throughout the admissions, training/employment, and graduation processes.  Attractive and efficient Web-based interface allows quick and easy maintenance of a variety of information ranging from immigration and foreign degrees, through current and rotation training programs, along with salary and title information during entire residency. Merges government codes for hospitals and medical schools, domestic and international, and their training programs.  Secure auditing implemented to track history of changes on key data fields.  Benefit: keep all data centralized and maintainable in one database instead of in multiple systems and scattered paper records; gain easier reimbursement from government funding programs due to complete and verified data gathering and reporting.

    Blue Cross / Blue Shield - created tracking system for Blue Cross / Blue Shield organizations in several states to monitor activity within Medicare A and B (provided by an Opal Computing associate). Benefit: allow better picture of efficiency and profitability on an ongoing basis.

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