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"More than 250 people registered online, we received the revenue on schedule, and we had accurate up-to-the-minute information every step of the way. The next time I have anything to do with a conference or related form of e-commerce, I will definitely go to Opal first. I'd recommend Opal to anyone with similar needs."
    - Jim Lardner, President, Inequality.org

"I thank Opal for changing my duties with events from a mundane and tedious data entry process to a sophisticated system a non-technical person can learn in minutes."
   - Gayle Naftaly, President, access.office

"The Opal Summit system has made my day... I am far happier and more effective by having these administrative tasks removed from my attention and my staff's attention."
  - Ellen Volpe, President, American Business Associates

We know that you need to make your mark as an organization, and we know how to use the Internet for that purpose. With Opal Summit, we provide the major puzzle pieces: dynamic Web sites, Internet marketing, Email list management, and Event and E-commerce management. Below, you can read more about our Event and E-commerce management capabilities.

Opal Summit Event Manager is ready for your use:
  • Unsurpassed ease of use for the accepting of payments, and for you as the administrator.
  • Fast startup: we complete the event setup, or you do; then you watch y

    A successful conference

    Opal Summit: events and e-commerce since 2001

    our transactions (registrations, contributions, memberships...) roll in on our easy-to-use control center.
  • Flexibility allows a branded look for your organization, including logo, colors, and more subtle items such as solicitation texts for charities, opt-in / opt-out, selected prompts, and more.
  • We accommodate your special needs with unmatched responsiveness and availability. Not a Web and technology expert? We create graphics, Web pages and sites, and email handling, as needed.
  • Have confidence in our experience; we have helped manage hundreds of events, conferences, and meetings with special energy and dedication. We work with you to support your success. Ask our clients; references are available on request.

"Opal Computing came to our rescue... Opal Computing stepped in and promptly provided an easy-to-manage and highly practical online solution tailored to our needs."
    - David Abeshouse, VP, Long Island Entrepreneurs Group

Here is a partial list of our Opal Summit features, for those who like the fine print:

  • Click for a sample registration screen image

    Click to see a sample registration page

    advanced, easy-to-use control center allows adjustment of company profile as well as real-time viewing of all e-commerce activity, reports in real-time about your net revenues, usage analysis for special offers and discounts, and more.
  • comprehensive tracking screen shows all payers and participants, total number of people and dollars to date, and allows tracking multiple items simultaneously. Can be used for historical lookups as well, to determine trends in response rate, payment methods, etc.
  • flexible coding system allows sales incentives and allows tracking the effectiveness of various publicity sources and media campaigns.
  • accepts 4 major credit cards (MC, Visa, AmEx, Discover)
  • flexible option to pass along service and/or credit card fees to the end-user / registrant

    Read more important features...

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    Note: we respect your privacy, and will never sell or give your name or email address to a third-party organization without your permission. Your information will only be used for the purposes you request.

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