Details that YOU should know about Opal Summit Event Manager:

  • advanced, easy-to-use control center allows adjustment of company profile as well as real-time viewing of all e-commerce activity, reports in real-tim

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    e about your net revenues, usage analysis for special offers and discounts, and more.
  • comprehensive tracking screen shows all payers and participants, total number of people and dollars to date, and allows tracking multiple items simultaneously. Can be used for historical lookups as well, to determine trends in response rate, payment methods, etc.
  • flexible coding system allows sales incentives and allows tracking the effectiveness of various publicity sources and media campaigns.
  • accepts 4 major credit cards (MC, Visa, AmEx, Discover)
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  • flexible option to pass along service and/or credit card fees to the end-user / registrant
  • accepts credit card payments internally for professional services and for products sold off-line; receive a special discounted rate for these transactions entered directly into our full-service e-commerce system.  Get paid more quickly and more conveniently by your clients, on a regular basis or on a one-time basis.  Typical users of this portion of Opal Summit include health professionals, small businesses, attorneys, and accountants.
  • group your products, services, events, and other items with complete flexibility, if you need to cross-promote related items in a single transaction, and for creating logical groupings of events and services to help the user. For example, offer a paid lunch together with an event
  • include a questionnaire with one or more questions, with each question required or optional, that end-user sees and (if you wish) must complete before submitting the order or registration
  • retains all critical attendee / member information such as name, address, title, company, phone number, email address, and more, for future online use or export. Of those fields, the title, company, phone number, and email address can specified as required, optional, or completely omitted
  • for events, control registration start and stop date and time, as well as venue capacity. Appropriately handles sponsorship payments, memberships, and other transactions
  • costs can be nonmember, member, and discount-code rates.
  • if desired, accepts check payments directly online, with ability to record when the check actually arrives.  Also allows special price amount (including free) payments to be entered by you or your e-commerce staff
  • allows editing, for corrections by you or your staff
  • allows for crediting back part or all of a credit card charge via email
  • for events, provides location and directions, if desired, on the registration screen and in the confirmation and reminder emails; this can include a link to a map with the exact location
  • optionally allows soliciting additional voluntary contributions during the payment process (suitable for certain organization types). Not visible for organizations that do not accept or seek such additional contributions
  • easily customizable to show multiple logos (e.g. promoting company, hosting company, and primary sponsor), refund policy, event title, date, and time, Web site addresses, and more
  • gives confirmation screen in the browser window as well as confirmation / receipt email to payer, suitable as a record of payment, and to your e-commerce management staff
  • for events, sends reminder email to all registrants and sends registration counts to one or more designated event managers (including external contributors to an event, who may not have access to the full event reporting screens)
  • easy creation of group emails to all or selected payers or participants
  • allows printing of badges
  • export the data of payers / participants for import into spreadsheet or other programs
  • accounting reports shows details on payments and participation by payment type (or free transactions), and shows breakdown of fees and revenue for each item or consolidated view.
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